Friday, August 17, 2012

4 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting A Creative Job Application

You have your eye on a competitive position. You know that the application you send in will be your first official presentation of candidacy—and maybe your one shot to get noticed. To stand out from the pack, you’ve decided to submit a creative job application. You’re hoping a bold, innovative approach will be just the thing to get the recruiter’s attention.

And sometimes, that’s exactly the thing that’ll snag you that interview. But, stepping out of your traditional comfort zone means you also need to learn some new best practices—as well as the common mistakes to avoid. To make sure your application is memorable for the right reasons, here’s what not to do.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It sounds ridiculous, but I was nervous about moving to the state called Vacationland. And not because of the winters. I like to think my frenetic energy blends into the background in an urban setting, but in a place known for enjoying a slower pace of life, not so much.

And there's that nagging reality of not having a job. Sure, it sounds great when your eleven hours into an eight hour work day, but sustained periods of time off can feel, well, boring. And will that make me boring? If I'm not careful, will I fall into the trap of referring to people on TV like I know them (aka "Aviva's father is a h-o-r-n-d-o-g") , or suddenly notice Friends references make up an even greater part of what I contribute to a conversation?

I was asked yesterday if my days drag, but they don't. Something unexpected has happened. Along with writing each day, I find I am productive, but perhaps moving at a bit more of a Vacationland pace. I'm walking more slowly through the supermarket, and stopping to smell the err blueberries. And while I was able to create anxiety about a lack of things to be anxious about,  I'm working on embracing the more relaxed pace (and I'm kind of enjoying it).