Monday, August 15, 2011

Tweeting, With A Side Of #Hashtags

My current Twitter account @Grabalatte is my third attempt at Twitter. I’ve had memorable moments with past twitter accounts, such as learning of National Free Donut Day in 2008 via Twitter, and proceeding to the nearest Krispy Kreme with my colleagues, an event in an of itself which you think would make me loyal forever.
In the past, however, I’ve never been able to maintain an account. I have found the oft-blogged about rules- tweeting frequently enough, timely enough, wittily enough, but not too much information, too frequently or too banally-to be frankly anxiety inducing.
In my third Twitter incarnation, I am not drawn to the idea that you can build connections with strangers with similar interests in less than 140 characters (I still find that a bit creepy at times). I’m not even nobly drawn to participate in a vehicle of major international social movements.
Along with my desire to promulgate my blogs, which in all honesty was the major impetus to join, I must say what I find most enjoyable at this time are the hashtags (#). [Tweeps- skip to the next paragraph. If you don’t know what a tweep is or if you have one, continue to the next sentence.] To those of you like my husband who asked why commercials these days have pound signs and words at the bottom: if you place a hashtag next to a word in a tweet, someone can click on it and see everyone else who has written the same word. So if you pick a trending topic or hashtag a term like #Starbucks #JustinBeiber #whateverhighlyratedprogramiscurrentlyonandwhothevillianis you’ll see everyone else currently tweeting on that very topic.
Perhaps it brings me back to childhood madlibs, but clicking on #replaceawordinahitsongwithbananas or #replacemovienameswithbacon makes me crack up in my chair. Reading the passionate Miley Cyrus followers take to Twitter claiming that #HannaMontana shouldn't even be a trending topic because OMG it's HannahMontana, with an h- oh the heresy!

All this to say, in my third twitter life, my tweeting may only be marginally more entertaining, but my enjoyment of the site has increased markedly as I routinely enjoy grabbing a latte and catching up on some news, fashion tips and of course ridiculous trending topics. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Detours and a Happy Meal

I am not a card-carrying member of NASCAR and as such, I was thoroughly unprepared this past Sunday to sit in all stop and no go traffic on I-80 on the way home from Pennsylvania.

At the prospect of a forever drive home, we pressed detour on the GPS, then pressed detour at least a half dozen more times and simultaneously searched for alternative routes on our smart phones.

An hour after we were due to be home, as we weaved through coal-mining towns and up and down hills throughout Pennsylvania, I was truly in awe of the bucolic beauty of these areas. I wondered what it might be like to live in the lone house surrounded by farmland or trees.

We stopped at McDonalds for dinner and  “see the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet” was my chorus for the afternoon-which became evening which became late night-despite the fact that we were in a Honda.

I am in no way a proponent of fast food, but I can say that in our quest to make it home in less than twice the time it took us on the way there, it just felt right to grab a happy meal rather than a latte.